Electric drive GEOSEED offers new opportunities

Kverneland Group has developed an electric drive with two-dimension control for precision seed drills. 

The innovation called GEOSEED allows to implement the ISOBUS GPS controlled half-width shut-off for precision seed drills, to hoe cultures in four different directions and to benefit from new business opportunities. It maximizes yield, optimizes procedures and saves costs.

Patented two-dimension control
The patented two-dimension control, GEOSEED, allows seeding in parallel and diamond pattern. Due to a precise GPS signal in combination with the new hardware at the precision seed drill, the placement of the seeds can be controlled in such a way that alternatively parallel or diamond patterns are created. This ensures best yield due to ideal distribution for best exploitation of nutrients, light and water as well as reduction in technically caused losses. At the same time the ideal distribution reduces the seed rate and avoids overlapping and seed windows. Each single grain is addressed by its individual GPS co-ordinates.

The GEOSEED can be programmed via the new IsoMatch Tellus from Kverneland in such a way that the seed flow is automatically shut on or off at the end of the field over the whole working width or row by row on irregular shaped fields. This tool is controlled by the ISOBUS task controller integrated in the IsoMatch Tellus. Another interesting aspect is the easy but most efficient application of mechanical weed control e. g. organic farming since it may also be carried out with 90° offset to the seeding direction.

New business opportunities
Moreover, the GEOSEED offers agriculture new income opportunities such as green advertisement. Following the design of individual seeding maps developed by farm management systems (e. g. Landdata Eurosoft or Helm Software) supporting the ISOBUS XML data format, geometrical figures are sown into the field, as for example a maize maze in form of a Mickey Mouse. In this way the creation of any form of Logo is possible which could offer an additional income especially to those farmers situated near airports or motorways.

The GEOSEED is expected to be available from spring 2011.

IM_GEOSEED Parallel Pattern_0001.jpg
IM_GEOSEED Diamond Pattern_0002

The patented two dimension control GEOSEED allows seeding in parallel and diamond pattern.

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